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Clean A Fabric Couch

How To Clean A Fabric Couch?

A couch is the most comfortable and soothing upholstery present at your place.  Usually, when it is present in the liveliest place then the fabric couch is the most used upholstery.  Many times, accidents may take place. Things you are having while lying on the couch may spill over it and the look is destroyed.  […]

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Sanitize A Couch At Home

5 Tips To Sanitize A Couch At Home

To prevent your loved ones from any type of infection and disease, it’s important to sanitize the couch present at your home. Usually, bacteria, microbes, and micro-organisms grow in places that are not cleaned regularly or fabric. Mostly, we clean our couches every weekend/ monthly/ quarterly as per the usage. Therefore, the probability of microorganisms […]

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How To Remove Urine Smell From Your Couch

Even the best-behaved pets and kids can have accidents on our sofas, leaving behind unpleasant urine stains. And while they may be unsightly, it’s their smell that can be difficult to get rid of. We’ll walk you through how to solve that issue and when it’s time for you to consult professional help for couch […]

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