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    Couch Cleaning Adelaide

    Get Couch Cleaning Service From The Leading Company In Adelaide

    Karls Couch Cleaning Adelaide is a leading upholstery cleaning company. We have a decade of experience in cleaning upholsteries. As a result, our couch cleaning crew works efficiently to provide high-quality upholstery cleaning services. Since we use couches on a daily basis, it acquires dust, dirt and germs. These things can not be controlled and the couch becomes more shabby. It is true that an unclean couch is not a good sign of hygiene and cleanliness. We have all the necessary tools for cleaning upholstery. Hence we are also always on time. To book us for an emergency cleaning service, call us at 08 6029 4649.

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    We Are The Professionals And Legal Team For Couch Cleaning In Adelaide

    We are a skilled and professional couch cleaning Adelaide service provider. Holding years of experience, we are at the top of the couch cleaning company. We know all the possible ways to clean all the different types of fabric as our experts hold Certificate III in Cleaning Operations. We have specialisation in leather couch cleaning service. Our IICRC Certified team follows all the precautionary steps for cleaning. Since different fabrics need a unique method for cleaning. Therefore we bring up the most sophisticated methods to clean your couches. So if you are worried about the stains on your couch. And you are afraid of handing it over to the wrong hands. Reach us, since we have a number of experts for your residential couch cleaning service.


    Expert Upholstery And Couch Cleaning Services In Adelaide

    We have a team of professionals who properly cleans all types of leather and fabric upholstery. We use different methods for cleaning a variety of couch issues. The services we offer are:

    Couch Steam Cleaning

    Couch steam cleaning is a very effective method to deeply clean the couch. It helps to remove all the dust and germs. Even the toughest stain is removed by this technique easily. So ring us now if you want to see your upholstery like brand new.

    Couch Steam Cleaning
    Couch Dry Cleaning

    Couch Dry Cleaning

    Dry cleaning is the best-suited technique if you do not require more water usage. Or if your upholstery fabric is sensitive to water. We use a chemical to clean your upholstery. The chemical we use is extremely safe and non-toxic. Moreover, the results given by this method are incredible. So go for our couch dry cleaning service if you are in a hurry.

    Couch Stain Removal & Treatment

    Stains are a very common issue on the couch. Moreover, it never looks good. Or sometimes becomes embarrassing if the stains are stubborn. Do not worry, since we have a special pre-stain treatment. This helps to remove even the toughest stain from the couch. Furthermore, this is not at all an expensive service. We provide pocket-friendly sofa stain removal services.

    Couch Stain Removal
    Dust And Dirt Removal

    Dust And Dirt Removal By Hot Water Extraction

    Effective upholstery cleaning is essential to restore the vibrant appearance of your couch and eliminate harmful germs. Our pressurized hot water extraction method efficiently removes hidden dust and dirt from every corner, ensuring a thorough cleaning even in hard-to-reach areas. Trust us to provide a solution for all your upholstery cleaning needs.

    Couch Sanitisation And Deodorising

    Because of germs there will be many bacteria staying on your upholstery. Removal of those bacteria is also very important to prevent health hazards. Therefore, we provide you with a couch sanitisation service that kills off all the bacteria from the couch. Also, deodorisation helps to eliminate the bad odour from your upholstery, giving it a fresh smell.

    Couch Sanitisation And Deodorising
    Microsuede Couch Cleaning

    Microsuede Couch Cleaning

    Revitalize your microsuede couch with our specialized cleaning service. Our expert team removes tough stains, eliminates odours, and enhances its beauty. Experience exceptional results and a couch that looks and feels brand new. Contact us today for a revitalizing transformation.

    Save Your Home From Dirt’s Clutches

    Bring Back The Original Luster Of Your Furniture: Trust Our Upholstery Cleaning Experts!

    Our Phenomenal 6 Step Upholstery Cleaning Process

    If you have a dirty couch. It needs to go through various different steps of cleaning. We follow a comprehensive fabric sofa cleaning procedure. We have the best couch cleaners in Adelaide. Here are the steps we follow:

    • Initially, we inspect your upholstery to make sure which type of cleaning is needed. Also, we check for stains.
    • Secondly, we bind all the equipment needed in the furniture cleaning process. Also, we set up the other furniture away from the cleaning area.
    • Then we pre-treat the spots and use safe mould treatment solutions.
    • Furthermore, we perform a steam couch cleaning service. This hot water extraction service removes the deepest stains, germs and bad odours from your upholstery.
    • After cleaning, we dry your upholstery with a powerful dryer. So that there is no moisture left. Which in turn prevents mould growth.
    • Lastly, we reinspect your upholstery to ensure that it looks fresh and new.
    Upholstery Cleaning Process

    Get The Best Leather And Fabric Couch Cleaning Service

    There is special care required for cleaning leather couches. You can get the advantage of our professional leather couch cleaning service. Our professionals have years of expertise in cleaning couches. Also, it is our daily work. Therefore we come across a variety of different couch cleaning issues. And so we are well aware of all. Since buying new upholstery is not easy. Therefore you can rely on our top-class cleaning service. We even offer fabric couch cleaning, mould removal, and odour removal services to our clients. Simply ring us to avail of our services. We will arrive at your place within an hour or so of booking.

    Our All Kinds Of Upholstery Cleaning Services In Adelaide

    Our experts are here to provide you with all kinds of upholstery cleaning services on the same day of booking. We are available 24×7 to serve you with the best quality services at pocket-friendly prices. Call us and choose your first upholstery cleaning Adelaide service today:

    • Tweed Couch
    • Love Seat Sofa
    • Leather Lounge
    • Recliner Couch
    • Fabric Sofa
    • Leather Upholstery
    • Lawson Sofa
    • Armchair
    • Tuxedo Sofa
    • Microfiber Couch
    • Jacquard Upholstery
    • Polyester Upholstery
    • Cotton Sofa
    • Faux Fur Upholstery
    • Microsuede Lounge
    • Two-seater Upholstery
    • Cabriole Sofa
    • Throw Pillow Sofa
    • U-Shaped Sofa
    • White Leather Sofa
    • Sectional Sofa
    • Linen Couch
    • Chenille Upholstery
    • Seat Cushion
    • Lawson Sofa
    • Camelback Sofa
    • Vinyl Upholstery
    • Couch Arms
    • Faux Leather Upholstery
    • Office Chairs
    • Three-seater Sofa
    • Dining Chair
    • Chesterfield Lounge

    Professional Suede Sofa Cleaning Service

    The suede sofa is very good-looking. Also, they are very expensive when comes to purchase. Even they are very comfortable sitting. But maintaining it is very difficult. The top sofa cleaners for suede sofas are also available around the clock. These sofas are very prone to dust and dirt. With regular washing, the sofa can be kept clean. We use safe sofa cleaning solutions to remove the stains from your suede couch. Our sofa steam cleaning service is of high quality. This is very effective. Therefore with our skilled techniques, we can make your sofa clean and shiny. Contact us today quickly to avail our same day and professional couch cleaning Adelaide service.

    Our Unique Ottoman Couch Cleaning Service In Adelaide

    Our professional team also gives ottoman cleaning services. We are experts in cleaning all types of ottoman couch fabric. Whether it is leather, suede, fabric or a microfibre ottoman we have the solution for all. In Adelaide, there are many companies to clean couches. Our professionals will reach you within an hour of booking you giving you the best couch cleaning service in Adelaide. We will clean your ottoman in such a manner that not even a stain will be left behind. Moreover, the chemicals we use in the cleaning solution are all safe and natural. Contact our experts immediately to get the best upholstery cleaning cost.

    Lounge Cleaning Service

    Adelaide Lounge Cleaning Service By Our Professionals

    Our professional team also provide lounge cleaning services at affordable prices. Our couch cleaning cost for lounge cleaning is unbelievable. Since we do not charge a high amount for our service. No matter if it is a fabric Longue or a leather lounge cleaning service. We can give the solution for both. Our team has years of expertise in cleaning different types of lounges. We take serious steps to give you the best couch cleaning results. Additionally, our lounge cleaning services are reasonably priced and could simply fit into your pocket. Only after our booking appointment. Our couch cleaning Adelaide team of our experts can come to your location. We have a famous reputation in the field because of our timely and professional services. You can simply call us for the best service.

    Our Same Day And Emergency Couch Cleaning Services

    If you are seeking same-day or emergency professional upholstery cleaning services. You have come to the right place. Your upholstery stains may be removed using specialised cleaning methods by our staff of highly skilled and qualified professional cleaners. Moreover, modern tools give the couches a deep clean instead of soaking them, eliminating dirt, dust mites, and dead skin cells. We make sure that all our tools are ready, in case of an emergency situation. Moreover, we will not charge extra for the couch cleaning service. Also, we give the best couch cleaning costs all over Adelaide.

    Perks Of Choosing Our Professional Couch Cleaning Service

    Our cleaning company stands at the top. It is because we strive in offering superior couch cleaning near me services at reasonable prices. In addition, the following characteristics set us apart from other people:

    Simple Booking

    Simple Booking

    We provide a very simple booking process. That is because our customer service team is available round the clock. As a result, we accept reservations all day long.

    Services offered on the same day as booking

    Same Day Service

    We offer our services on the same day as the reservation. Additionally, we offer emergency assistance in case of crisis.



    The couch cleaning Adelaide team is committed to providing the highest calibre services at the most reasonable rates for cleaning.



    We are a locally-based company. As a result, we offer our services across Adelaide. Only top-class services are provided to you by our upholstery cleaners.

    Uses Organic Solutions

    Uses Organic Solutions

    For cleaning and sanitising the couches, we exclusively use organic products. Since these substances are non-toxic, your dogs and kids will not be harmed.

    Adelaide Nearby Locations Where We Serve

    Karls Couch Cleaning services are available throughout Adelaide, including the CBD. We are available in all of these areas locally.

    Couch Cleaning Adelaide

    Karls Couch Cleaning Adelaide


    14 Tucker Street, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia

    08 6029 4649

    Hours of Operation: Mon-Sun 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM

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    Really Helpful

    May 23, 2023

    “I hired Karls Couch Cleaning to clean my couch. The company was able to get the job done quickly and for a great price. The customer service was very helpful and the employees were very friendly. I’ll definitely be hiring them again!


    On Time Service

    April 19, 2023

    “I had a couch that I was desperately trying to get cleaned. I called around to a few different companies, but they all wanted hundreds of dollars. I found Karls Couch Cleaning on the internet and they were able to come out right away and take care of the problem! I love that it is a licensed company and is able to get the job done in a timely manner.


    Customer Friendly

    March 14, 2023

    “I called Karls for help when I had a spill on my couch and ruined it. They sent a professional cleaner who managed to clean up the mess quickly. I was very happy with the service and will definitely hire them again. The team is also extremely friendly and I had a great experience working with them.


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    Yes, we are available everywhere near Adelaide to help you. All you need to do is ring us.

    Yes, after the proper cleaning and drying of your couch. We go for a sanitisation service.

    Yes, we have natural couch cleaning solutions. This does not fade the colour of your couch. So you can unhesitatingly book us.

    It takes up to 20-30 minutes after the initial setup for all the equipment, including the chairs, cushions, and the side and back of the items. Normally, we just need to spray, brush, and steam the items to ensure the dirt has been removed.

    The cost of a professional couch cleaning job depends largely on the size of the couch. The bigger the size of your couch, the more you will have to pay for the service.

    As per our experienced professionals Steam Cleaning is the most effective way to clean your upholstery in Adelaide. It is great for your upholstery fabrics since it removes dirt and stains from the upholstery quickly.

    You don’t need to worry about vacuuming your upholstery before the service. We’ll take care of it for you.