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What Is The Best Way To Clean A Leather Sofa?

Leather upholstery at your property is evergreen furniture that lasts for long tenure as well as adds beauty to the surrounding. It helps to uplift the contemporary design and uniqueness of the ambience. Moreover, the property of providing comfortable sitting can make it more worthwhile. Henceforth, maintenance is the biggest thing you have to put effort into. Proper attention and care can increase the durability of the leather sofa. In case you are looking for the best way to clean a leather sofa, then read the below-mentioned article and identify the right leather couch cleaning method that suits you.

Best Way To Clean A Leather Sofa

Following Is The Techniques Of The Best Way To Clean A Leather Sofa:

1. Vacuum And Clean The Leather Sofa

Before you initiate the cleaning process, it is important to vacuum-clean the leather sofa. Its nook and crannies absorb dirt particles and other granules. In case your leather sofa is present in your living area then it will be the most used upholstery. Therefore, maintenance and regular cleaning are a must. Vacuum cleaning takes out all the minute particles which are present in and around the leather sofa. This ensures that the dirt particles do not settle down in the crevices and cracks. In case you are looking for what is the best way to clean a leather sofa, then vacuuming and cleaning is the best option.

In case your leather sofa cushions are removed then make sure you vacuum clean the undersides.

2. Removal Of The Stains

As soon as you plan the cleaning of your leather sofa, it’s crucial to remove the stains present on it. Stains present on your sofa give a shabby look to the ambience. If you are wondering what is the best way to clean a leather sofa then stain removal is a must. Therefore, for removing the stains, dip a white cotton cloth in the bowl which contains dishwashing soap, and detergent mixed in warm water. Do not use the cloth with an excess of water. Squeeze the cloth and try to remove the stain with gentle hands. Do not rub or dab it on the stained area. Move the cloth in a circular position to absorb the stain. In case the stain is of a greasy substance then use a dry cloth that dabs a corner of the cloth in baking soda and gently presses over the stained area. Baking soda will help to absorb the stain and remove it completely.   

3. Pat Dry The Sofa

Pat dry the leather sofa is a crucial step to perform. When you try to remove the stain with a wet cloth, a little bit of water is absorbed by the sofa while cleaning it. Therefore, drying the sofa is a must. If case water is not removed, then the leather starts losing its strength with time and cracks start appearing on it.

4. Usage Of Right Cleaning Solvents

In the present scenario, there is a huge availability of cleaning solvents that can freshen the look of your old leather sofa. Leather cleaners play a great role in removing dirt and hard stains and adding a glossy touch to the leather sofa. There is also an availability of products that work with a dual nature i.e. cleaning and conditioning. In case you are curious to know what is the best way to clean a leather sofa, then choosing the right cleaning agent plays a vital role.

All you have to do is, spray the solvent over the white muslin cotton cloth and gently rub it over the furniture. Make sure you cover all the nooks and crannies of the leather sofa. To give a fine and even look make sure you clean the pattern upside down.

Note: Do not apply it directly on the furniture.

5. Wipe Out The Solution

Once you have applied the solvent all over the sofa, it’s important to wipe it out completely and on time so that it may not cause any damage to the upholstery. Wipe out all the excess solvents with the dry white muslin cloth. 

6. Conditioning Of The Sofa

Conditioning gives a glossy and refreshing look to your leather sofa, it’s advisable to apply the right conditioner to it. Put a few quantities of the conditioner over the cloth (white) and smoothly move your hand in one particular direction. Conditioners are oil-based solutions that provide a good aroma, freshen the look and fill in all the minute gaps that are at the initial stage. Moreover, they moisturise the leather sofa and increase its lifespan.

7. Dry The Sofa

As soon as you complete the process of conditioning the leather sofa, all the sofa air dry for at least 1-2 hours. If possible, do not use the leather sofa for a day so that the solvents and conditioners get absorbed and settle down. Moreover, once you condition the leather sofa, the conditioner contains the oily property, and therefore, if you use the sofa it may stick to your clothes. As well as a patch will be formed on that particular area of the sofa. Henceforth, if using it can be avoided for at least one day then it is advisable.


The leather sofa is the most appealing and most used upholstery on the property. Therefore, cleaning it at regular intervals is vital. Moreover, numerous solutions are available in the supermarket for cleaning and maintenance of your sofa. Whereas, on a regular basis, you may also use homemade products to clean your leather sofa. However, looking for the best way to clean a leather sofa is not the only tedious task, performing the cleaning process is also important. Therefore, you may hire professionals to ease your job.