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How To Clean A Fabric Couch?

A couch is the most comfortable and soothing upholstery present at your place.  Usually, when it is present in the liveliest place then the fabric couch is the most used upholstery.  Many times, accidents may take place. Things you are having while lying on the couch may spill over it and the look is destroyed.  In case the spilled food is not wiped out at the right time then it may turn into harsh stains. Henceforth, if you are looking for How to Clean a Fabric Couch then the below-mentioned step can be effective to ease your task.  In case, you are not able to clean the fabric couch on your own then you may also hire professionals to help you with the best possible fabric couch cleaning service.

Clean A Fabric Couch

Steps How To Clean A Fabric Couch

1. Go Through The Manufacturer Tags Present On The Couch

Each upholstery has a tag that is present at the corner or sides of it. These are the details that are mentioned by the manufacturer on it so that the rightful cleaning methodology can be used.

“S” signifies dry cleaning only

“W” denotes that your upholstery is favourable to soap and water

“X” signifies vacuum cleaning or dry cleaning

“S/W” denotes that both dry cleaning and washing can work on it.

2. Brushing

Brushing the fabric couch plays a vital role. It helps to take out all the extras that get staged over the sides or corners of the couch. Moreover, Brushing helps to take out all the dust and dirt particles that get stuck in the fabric at the surface level. Even brushing helps to remove dirt and leftovers if present on the hard surface of the couch.

3. Vacuum Cleaning

Before commencing the cleaning process, brushing and vacuum cleaning the fabric couch play a vital role. It helps to remove all the dirt, dust, or any fine particles that get stuck in the corners, back, or sides of the couch. Moreover, all the untouched corners are cleaned gently.

4. Remove All The Stains If Present

It’s crucial to remove the stain, the moment you acknowledge it. In case we do not bother about the stain for a longer tenure, it may damage the couch. There is also a possibility that the stain may stick to the couch and not leave from the fabric couch. The moment, if anything falls on the couch, it’s crucial to take care of it in a few minutes before it settles down. Unless it will make a deep stain over the area and it would become difficult for you to tackle.

5. Clean The Fabric Couch With DIY Products

A. Baking Soda

Baking soda is known to be an effective and strong cleaning agent for upholstery.  To use it, sprinkle the baking soda all over the couch to remove the stain and retain its freshness. Later after an hour or so, use a clean white muslin cloth and wipe out all the baking soda granules from the couch.

B. Vinegar

Vinegar as a cleaning agent is the best supplement. Put a few quantities of vinegar in the bowl and apply it gently over the hard-stained area. Let it settle down for a while. After some time, clean the area with the help of white cotton cloth or with a cloth that is dabbed in water. Pat dry with another towel. Repeat the process, if the stain remains.

C. Alcohol

Alcohol has numerous functions. The presence of alcohol in the house helps in various ways. It acts as a disinfectant, and antiseptic and has many other functions. When alcohol is used for cleaning fabric couches, it helps in taking out all the dark and heavy stains, and at last, a refreshed look is regained.

While using the alcohol for fabric couch cleaning, dab a cotton cloth in the alcohol and place it over the affected area where there is any stain. Leave the alcohol as it is for some time. Remove the cotton cloth from the fabric couch after 10-15 minutes.

You will come across that slowly, the alcohol keeps on drying, and the stain will vanish with it too.

Note: Keep in mind that do not use flavoured alcohol as it contains the essence of any fruit or vegetable. Therefore, there are chances that the colour of the fruit or vegetables may stay on the fabric.

D. Vinegar, Dish Soap, And Water

If you use the right quantity of vinegar, dish soap, and water; it can become the best cleaning agent. For making this cleaning agent. Take a mixing bowl and put 1 part of vinegar, 1 part of water, and 3 parts of dishwashing soap and mix it thoroughly.

Put it in the spray bottle and apply it to the affected area. Let the solution settle over it. After half an hour, wipe it with the help of a white cotton cloth.

E. Baking Soda And Water

Baking soda is one of the best ways to remove stains and bring a refreshing look to the fabric couch if you are looking for How To Clean A Fabric Couch. Take a mixing bowl and add an equal quantity of water and baking soda to it. Mix it thoroughly and make a fine paste. Apply the paste over the areas where there is any stain or any dirt particles present on it. Apply a fine layer of the paste over the affected area and let it settle down for 15-20 minutes. Once the affected area absorbs the baking soda completely then you can wipe it or with the help of a brush, you can remove the baking soda granules. 

6. Pat Dry The Fabric Couch With A Towel

Once you are done cleaning the fabric couch, make sure that you pat dry it. Because, pat drying plays a vital role in the lifespan, comfort zone, and look of the couch. Pat drying helps to absorb all the extra water that has been left in the fabric couch. In case, you do not perform this step then after some time you will acknowledge that your couch keeps on leaving liquid substance whenever you sit over it or the look is not regained. Looking for the right method for How to Clean a Fabric Couch, as you come across, it’s important to perform it in the right way.

7. Air Dry The Fabric Couch

As you are done with the pat drying process, air drying also plays an important role. Keep your fabric couch in the air drying overnight and regain the refreshing look of the fabric couch in the very morning.


Cleaning the fabric couch at regular intervals plays a vital role. Though, we keep on cleaning at a superficial level every day deep cleaning after a short interval of one month, quarterly, or 15 days depending upon you and the usage of the couch. Therefore, if you are looking for How to Clean a Fabric Couch, then above mentioned DIY methods could be a good help out for you to clean it. In case, you lack the time or do not have the Ingredients with you then you may also hire professionals to do this tedious task for you. It would be the best relief for you. You may hire experts to present nearby you or you can schedule an appointment with our experts. We provide our fabric couch cleaning services in all suburbs of Adelaide such as Glenelg, Maylands, Magill, Unley and many more.