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5 Proven Ways To Remove Water Stains From Upholstery/Couch

Every member of the household relies on water as a daily cleaning tool. If that’s the case, it should not leave any stains. However, not all water is clean, and certain materials do not fare well when wet. Fabrics and walls are susceptible to pollutants from roof and plumbing leaks, flash floods, and tap water. Home cleaning solutions will do the trick for most of these stains. 

Remove Water Stains From Upholstery

Suppose you own an antique upholstery that has been damaged by water. In that case, it is recommended that you contact a cleaning company or restoration specialist before trying to clean the item yourself. If you want to know how to remove water stains on couch at home, this is the advice for you from our upholstery cleaning Adelaide experts. However, we have listed 5 Proven Ways to Remove Water Stains From Upholstery below.

Methods To Remove Water Stains From Upholstery/Couch

1. Using A Paper Towel

In many cases, you can get rid of water stains on the couch on your own and not have to hire a cleaning service. You may use a paper towel, or if you have a clean microfiber cloth, use that instead. Put it to use by dabbing softly at the leak.

Remove Water Stains From Couch Using Paper Towel

Avoid rubbing the paper towel over the wet stain. Rubbing will spread the stain and let the water soak deeper into the cloth fibres. If you dabbed rapidly enough, the likelihood of a watermark being left behind is much reduced.

2. Make A Solution Of White Vinegar And Water

Using a paper towel to dab at the issue may have failed; therefore, you may want to try this instead. First, thoroughly vacuuming the affected area should eliminate any dust particles. Then, add some white vinegar to a basin of warm water.

Remove Water Stains From Sofa Using Vinegar And Water

Use a dry towel to dab at the water stain. Use this cloth to cover the stained area for around 15 minutes. It’s best to begin dabbing at the outside ring and work your way within. When you’ve dabbed it sufficiently, please switch to a fresh cloth and soak it with the cleaning liquid. Next, dab the furniture with this towel to remove any excess water.

Then, wet a clean towel with warm water and proceed to the next step. A water stain may be covered up by using this. Do this again and again until the water stain is gone. When that time comes, you may dry the furniture utilizing a hairdryer.

3. Use Mayonnaise To Eliminate Water Stains

An unexpected solution to water stains may already be in your refrigerator. Mayonnaise oil may be used to repair foggy residue in wood furniture’s finish by displacing the moisture in a water ring. Spread some mayonnaise over the stain and blot it with a paper towel.

Leave the paper towel on top and wait a few hours or overnight. Remove the mayonnaise with a dry towel, and finish with a shine. We find this to be one of the most efficient cleaning procedures when it comes to getting rid of water stains on the sofa.

4. Put In A Laundry Detergent

For that reason, this is not a recommended technique since it alters the original colour of your furniture’s upholstery. This is the most time-consuming option since you’ll need to treat the whole piece of furniture, not just the area with the water stain.

Remove Water Stains From Upholstery Using Laundry Detergent

Put some detergent in a dish of lukewarm water and stir. Use this to dampen a fresh cloth. Use this cloth lightly to clean the upholstery in your home. Please don’t use too much water, since it will be more challenging to dry the upholstery fabric and furniture afterwards.

The next step is to take a towel dampened with lukewarm water and carefully wash out your upholstery. It’s natural for the upholstery to fade somewhat over time. If your furniture has become wet, you may blow it dry using a hairdryer.

5. Use A Glass Cleaner

In this approach, you’ll need to grab your trusty glass cleaning spray bottle and aim it straight at the water stain. Wait a minute or two to let the glass cleaner sink in. You should next grab a clean towel and blot the area where the water damage occurred.

Remove Water Stains From Upholstery Using Glass Cleaner

To remove the water stain, sprinkle the affected area with lukewarm water. Use a clean cloth to dab at the stain gently. You may need to do this many times before you get better results. To speed up your furniture drying, try using a hair dryer.

If you’ve exhausted these options without success, it’s probably time to bring in the experts. Expert carpet cleaners are on hand to assist you in removing any unsightly stains.

Final Suggestions For Avoiding Water Marks

Fix any plumbing and roofing problems immediately. Make sure the seals around the windows and doors are watertight. Use towels or a shoe tray to remove water from boots or shoes. Plants in pots should not be placed on carpets.

Use exhaust fans in your bathrooms and kitchens to avoid water condensation stains on walls. We hope you find the above 5 Proven Ways to Remove Water Stains From Upholstery useful. If there are tough stains, or the upholstery is delicate, always consult professional upholstery cleaners