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5 Tips To Sanitize A Couch At Home

To prevent your loved ones from any type of infection and disease, it’s important to sanitize the couch present at your home. Usually, bacteria, microbes, and micro-organisms grow in places that are not cleaned regularly or fabric. Mostly, we clean our couches every weekend/ monthly/ quarterly as per the usage. Therefore, the probability of microorganisms growing on particular upholstery is most favourable. Therefore, to decrease the risk of infection, sanitizing and couch cleaning in Adelaide are a must.

Sanitizing helps to decrease the probability of coming in contact with pathogens and microbes that are allergic or asthmatic or sensitive to the surrounding environment. Luckily, sanitizing the couch at home is not a difficult task.

Sanitize A Couch At Home

Here Are The 5 Tips To Sanitize A Couch At Home

1. Vacuum Cleaning

Before you initiate the sanitizing process, it is important to vacuum clean the couch. Removing all the dust and dust present on the couch as well as on the sides of the couch is important. To do this, all you need is a vacuum cleaner. Move it slowly all over the couch so that all the debris and dust can be picked up from the couch. Keenly try to move the vacuum cleaner on the corners. Vacuum cleaning is one of the 5 tips to sanitize a couch at home.

2. Go Through The Tag Present On The Couch

Before you start sanitizing your couch at home, it’s important to go through the label present in the hidden area of the couch. Particular symbols are present on the label to make you aware of what kind of method and solvents can be used on the upholstery. Checking out the right label is one of the 5 tips to sanitize a couch at home.

  • “S” signifies that you can use dry solvents. Your couch is not favourable to water-based solutions.
  • “W” stands for the usage of water that can be done for cleaning and sanitizing purposes.
  • “X” is the symbol for vacuum cleaning only. Therefore, no water or other chemicals cannot be applied for sanitizing or cleaning.
  • “WS” stands for solvent-based and water-based solutions that are favourable for your upholstery.

3. Pick The Right Sanitizer

Once you acknowledge the label present on your couch, the particular sanitizing solvent can be applied to it. Therefore, for DIY sanitization, below are the materials and methods that can be used.

  • Vinegar sanitizing and disinfectant: To make your couch sanitized at home, mix a similar quantity of water and vinegar in a bowl. Dip a white muslin cloth in it and gently rub it over the couch.
  • Alcohol: It is one of the greatest solvents which is well known for its disinfectant property. Mix alcohol and water in a 2:1 ratio in a mixing bowl. Apply gently with the cotton cloth over the couch. Do not take more quantity of solution in the cloth so that your couch may get wet.
  • Hypochlorous acid: For making a sanitiser with HOCL, you need to mix table salt with water. The solution is electrolyzed, and it turns into hypochlorous acid. This solution is quite effective for sanitization of the couch. Therefore, you can use this solution on a couch of whatsoever fabric quality of the couch.

4. Proper Way To Sanitize Your Couch

Making the right solution is crucial but if it is not applied in the right way then the couch can get spoiled. This is one of the 5 tips to sanitize a couch at home.

  • Put the solution in the spray bottle. Putting the solution in the bottle helps to mix and spread over the couch surface evenly.
  • Make sure you perform the patch test on the hidden area of the couch. Applying the solution directly on the couch which you have made is not the right way to act. Performing a test helps to acknowledge whether your couch is favourable to that particular solvent or not.
  • Spray over the whole couch, if the patch test is cleared. Do not make it wet. Make sure you spray all over the corners and let it absorb for at least 11-15 minutes.
  • Wipe out the sanitiser with a soft towel.

5. Sanitize The Slip Covers

In case your couch has slipcovers, then make sure you disinfect them too. You may keep it in direct sunlight for at least 3-4 hours or apply the hypochlorous solution. Sanitizing the coverslips is one of the 5 tips to sanitize a couch at home.


The sanitization of the couch is home cannot be more emphasized. To keep your couch bacteria-free, germs-free, and virus free; sanitization is a must. Moreover, it prevents the couch from further damage. The above-mentioned 5 tips to sanitize a couch at home, could help you to ease your job. In case you are not able to sanitize a couch at home on your own then you may also call the professionals to do this activity of sanitizing for you.